The Top-Rated Spanish Academy in Medellin!

Study Abroad OLSA International is the top-rated certified Spanish language academy in Medellin, Colombia – according to Google Reviews (check it out)!  We currently have two campuses in Medellin (one campus in the Estadio neighborhood and another campus in the El Poblado neighborhood) and are looking to expand to Santa Marta, Cartagena, Cali and Bogotá in the near future.

We are well established within our community as the leaders in language education and have business agreements with Medellin’s public utilities services (EPM), the Policia Nacional and have even worked with the Colombian government on certain English-speaking projects.

Our school is comprised of the following services:  Certified Spanish, Conversational Spanish, Conversational English, Latin Dance, Restaurant, Nightly Language Exchange and Other Events, Day-Excursions and Student Visa Services.


Learn to SPEAK SPANISH with OLSA's Certified Spanish University Courses

OLSA International is the only certified Spanish language academy in Medellin, Colombia that is focused on Spanish fluency, not just Spanish theory.  Our Certified Spanish University courses are aligned with the United States university system’s Spanish 101, Spanish 102, Spanish 201 and Spanish 202.  Our unique courses offer a distinct advantage over traditional Spanish university courses because, although our curriculum follows all state standards, as a private academy, we are free to put Spanish into practice through daily conversation sessions with native Spanish speakers.  

Our courses are an intensive nine weeks in length, meet four days per week, for three hours per day, for a total of 108 hours of in-class study.  Each nine-week course with OLSA International covers 18-weeks of material and completes the requirements for a three-unit Spanish course, plus a two-unit Spanish lab, at a traditional university.

In addition to our certified courses, OLSA International also offers a variety of culturally-enriching activities.

1.  Every night (Monday – Friday) OLSA hosts a free language exchange for our students and for our local community.  This is an excellent opportunity for live language practice.  The language exchanges have a different theme each night, which helps make for a well-rounded Spanish education.  See descriptions for these activities at Weekly Events on our main webpage.

2.  Experiencing Spanish and the Latin culture is of the upmost importance for our programs.  Therefore, we work with the highest quality tour agencies to provide the best in Medellin / Antioquia / Colombian culture and history straight from their experienced guides.  These excursions are typically taken on Wednesdays, or Saturdays (if Wednesday falls through).

3.  A possible add-on for your university students is Latin dance as a one-credit physical education class.  OLSA provides for dance classes on campus focusing on several dance styles, including:  salsa, bachata, merengue and kizomba.  The small group classes meet twice per week for one hour.

4.  Volunteering is also a great way to really connect with the local population and the culture.  If your students are interested, in their spare time, they are welcome participate in some of the volunteer programs we offer through alliances we have with trusted volunteering agencies.

What's included in the OLSA International Study Abroad Program?

Our program includes tuition and room & board.  Tuition only courses also available.  Check with your university for course credit transfer.  See list below for full program details.  Prices at bottom of page.

  • Visa processing upon enrollment
  • Orientation packet upon enrollment
  • Placement test upon enrollment
  • Pick-up from airport upon arrival
  • Introduction class to Medellin class upon arrival
  • Tuition sessions purchased to include the Certified Spanish University courses and the Conversational Spanish classes according to student’s tested levels
  • Lodging – single occupancy bedroom in a shared house with living room and kitchen privileges, utilities, hot water and wifi.  Private housing also available at an additional cost
  • Meal Plan – 250.000 Colombian pesos weekly personal credit at OLSA’s restaurants
  • Monthly excursion according to package selected
  • Nightly themed language exchanges
  • One week break between most sessions for mental recuperation and travel.  See annual calendar for details.


Can't come to Colombia? Take certified courses virtually!

Although OLSA’s primary focus is in-person courses & classes, we do have a strong virtual program as well.  If interested, ask us for more information about the following virtual programs!

  • Virtual Homeschool Courses
  • Virtual Middle / High School Courses Public / Charter / Private
  • Virtual University Courses
  • Virtual Substitute Teacher
  • Virtual Tutoring / Private Classes / Courses


Experience Medellín personally! Become fluent in Spanish in just one year! Continue to study your core university courses remotely!
At OLSA International, you don´t just learn the Spanish grammar, you actually learn to SPEAK Spanish on a conversational level.
We are the ONLY certified academy in Medellín with this focus! AND, we are government-licensed to sponsor student visas!
Spanish courses are certified through the Ministry of Education of Colombia and qualify for a Colombien student visa.
Courses align with the Common European Framework for languages (A1, A2, B1 & B2) and with the USA state university system (Spanish 101, 102, 201 & 202).
Conversational Spanish classes qualify for a Spanish lab credit, if university applicable. Student visas are subject to Colombian government approval.
  • 1 session - 9 weeks - 3 months lodging - meal plan - 2 excursions = $4,550 USD
  • 2 sessions - 18 weeks tuition - 5 months lodging - meal plan - 4 excursions = $6,950 USD
  • 3 sessions - 27 weeks tuition - 7 months lodging - meal plan - 6 excursions = $10,950 USD
  • 4 sessions - 36 weeks tuition - 10 months lodging - meal plan 8 excursions = $13,550 USD
  • 5 sessions - 45 weeks tuition - 12 months lodging - meal plan 10 excursions = $15,950 USD
  • 6 sessions - 54 weeks tuition - 15 months lodging - meal plan 12 excursions = $19,550 USD






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