LEARN ABOUT OLSA – Our goal at OLSA International is to equip post-high school / university students, professionals and travelers with outstanding Spanish skills and cultural awareness which will lead to improving their marketability to universities and future employers.  In short, our students learn how to actually speak Spanish.

Spanish is the second most spoken native language in the world and is often considered the most beneficial second language for native English speakers. In addition, studies have shown that learning a second language stimulates memory, increases attention span, increases ability to multi-task, increases decision-making ability, increases SAT and ACT scores on math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary; and makes a person more attractive to employers.

OLSA International is located near the heart of Medellín between El Estadio and La Floresta Metro stations, next to the city’s main sporting venue, Estadio Atanacio Girardot. We are easily accessible by foot from either metro station, or by city bus via La Avenida Colombia. We are centrally located to hostels/hotels, shopping, athletic training facilities, public and private schools and universities, transportation, and the famous Calle 70. See the Our Campus for more details.

We have three immersion programs which can be taken as a whole, or taken a-la-carte. So, whether you only have a week, or two, or you are looking for a semester/year program, we have you covered. See the Spanish Programs tab for more information

We want to thank you for considering OLSA as your Spanish language immersion school! Your future really is important to us and we are excited to share this experience with you. So, invest in your future. Improve your marketability. Join us at OLSA!


OLSA International is the top-ranked Spanish language academy in Medellin due to the following attributes:

  1.  Real Spanish vs. Book Spanish – Our curriculums are designed and our teachers are trained for the end-goal of actually speaking Spanish, not just having the book knowledge of verb tenses and vocabulary.  With OLSA, the focus is on putting Spanish into practice to improve your ability to hear, understand and respond in Spanish in-real-time!
  2. Range of Activities – OLSA International isn’t a “traditional” language school.  Our advantage lies in our desire to integrate foreigners with local Latinos for a real Colombian experience.  We do this through our certified Spanish language academy (which is able to sponsor Colombian student visas) + a conversational Spanish language academy + a conversational English language academy + a Latin dance academy + weekly language exchanges + weekly excursions + our Friday night Pre-Party events + additional social and cultural events.
  3. Creativity – Not everybody learns the same way.  Not everybody has the same experiences and aptitudes.  We understand this.  Though the OLSA teachers follows a general curriculum, they also have freedom to adapt to the class’s individual needs and pursue fluency through practical models and activities, instead of lectures.  For OLSA students, it’s about oral participation and interaction.
  4. Service – OLSA International is quickly becoming the biggest Spanish language academy in Medellin, but that doesn’t mean that you are just a number.  As we are conversationally-focused, we are dedicated to keeping class sizes small and more personalized, helping our students advance in their fluency more quickly.  In addition, our staff and students have a great relationship making for a fun, homey atmosphere on campus.  When you join OLSA International, you are part of the family – check out our Google Reviews for proof!


About OLSA


OLSA International ESTADIO is a 4,300 square foot campus with three spacious classrooms, an additional classroom/dance hall, conversation spaces on the first and second floors, beautiful outdoor patio and balconies and a restaurant serving Mexican-American cuisine. The campus is located adjacent to Parque de la Virgin.

OLSA International is perfectly located within walking distance to two metro stations and a major bus route in the Estadio neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia. The school is within a five-minute walk to Medellín’s multi-sport complex (built for the Pan Am games in 2012 which includes public pools, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, balonmano, etc.), and a fifteen-minute walk to Calle 70, which is famous for its restaurants, nightlife and hostels/hotels. In addition, two commercial centers, El Obelisco and El Diamante, are within a ten-minute walk from OLSA. Our campus is located in a very green area with several public and private schools and universities nearby.

If you need any additional information about OLSA, contact us with the following information:
+57 311 394 0669  WPP
Actual address for OLSA International Estadio:  
CALLE 49B #76A-5


OLSA International MANILA is a 2,800 square foot campus with six spacious classrooms, a dance hall, conversation spaces on the first and second floors, and a large restaurant / language exchange space with indoor and outdoor seating.  The restaurant specializes in the best loaded-nachos and quesadillas in Medellin along with a breakfast menu of pancakes, omlettes and breakfast burritos to-go.  The campus is located on the west side of El Poblado, which is about a 3 minute walk from the main street, Calle 10, which contains hundreds of restaurants, hostels and is about 10 minutes walking from the El Poblado metro station.  The Monterrey mall, the Santa Fe mall, the Oviedo mall and the Tesoro mall are all very near, as is the main north/south freeway.

If you need any additional information about OLSA, contact us with the following information:
+57 311 394 0669  WPP
Actual address for OLSA International Manila:  
CARRERA 43F #12-81


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