student visaOLSA International is certified by the Secretary of Education of Medellin and by the Ministry of Education of Colombia: Resolution No. 201950077394. This means that we are licensed to sponsor student visas for foreigners taking classes with us for up to 14 months. And, though we have alliances with many great visa agents, OLSA International is proud to work privately with Rosanny at VISAS EN COLOMBIA for our visa applications. Rosanny has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that efficiently and courteously represents our students to the Colombian Immigration system. AND, with the new visa rules of 2022, student visas are now available from any city in Colombia through OLSA International’s virtual certified courses.  These economical courses meet nightly from 5:30pm – 8:00pm; Monday – Friday.  If you have a question about any form of Colombian visa, Rosanny has the answer!


OLSA International is the top-rated Spanish Language Academy in Medellin – see Google Reviews for the statistics.  We have achieved this status and respect through quality, honesty and service. Certified courses may be taken at either of our campuses in Medellin, or virtually.  If interested in applying for a student visa, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Get in contact with the local Colombian embassy, or a trusted visa agent.  Verify that you have a proper income and will qualify in all other ways before paying your school tuition.
  2. Complete the New Student Packet, signing each page for your protection and ours.  Once completed, return the New Student Packet, along with the information page of your passport, to the school.  Pay specific attention to clause #3 for the school’s return policy. 
  3. Once the New Student Package has been approved, you can purchase your tuition through a payment link, through a bank transfer, or in person at either of the Medellin campuses.  
  4. Once the tuition is paid, OLSA can legally create and send you your personalized enrollment documents which you will use for your student visa application.
  5. Once you have received your enrollment documents, you may use the enrollment dates to purchase your required health insurance. 
  6. Once you have your enrollment documents, your health insurance policy and all other required documents, you may apply for your student visa.  Student visa processing normally takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the day your application and documents are submitted.
  7. For additional information on the Certified Spanish University courses which qualify for a Colombian student visa, see the school’s official target page:  Certified Spanish University
  8. For additional clarification on a variety of topics, see OLSA FAQ’s page.

OLSA International is the top rated Spanish language academy in Medellin, Colombia according to Google Reviews.  While other schools work with minimums (less than 10 hours of classes per week; grammar focused), OLSA International focuses on actually SPEAKING Spanish along with our grammar classes.  We also sponsor nightly language exchanges at each of our campuses.  We are the only academy in Medellin to offer such an immersive and practical Spanish package!  And, since we also teach English, we have plenty of Colombian who are excited to practice language with our foreign students.


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