Lodging  OLSA has it covered! 

We work with several local apartment providers for live-alone lodging.  These apartments are all located within walking distance of OLSA International.

In addition, we work closely with VICO, which is known throughout Medellin as the best site to find rooms for rent in shared, and live-alone houses.

For example, if you are going to take classes at our El Poblado campus here are some recommendations for rooms and apartments in El Poblado. If your classes take place at the Laureles campus, follow this link to find places in the Laureles neighborhood.

If you are planning to be here for less than a month, perhaps one of our affiliate hostels would be best! Take a look at The Wandering Paisa. All are great places to stay with friendly staff.

For additional contacts for hostels and private providers, you are welcome to contact the school!

OLSA International does not participate in family placement due to the high risk involved to both the student and to the family participating.  Although we really feel this is an excellent option to learn culture and the real-life day-to-day living of a Colombian family, there are too many variables to consider.  If this is an option you are interested in, you are welcome to talk with the director for local agencies that specialize in student placement.