If you are looking to use the Spanish language as a way to improve your marketability to universities, or to your future employers.
We are the place for you.

Spanish Programs Our curriculumsSpanish programs – OLSA offers a variety of Spanish immersion classes, programs, activities, and excursions that will greatly improve your Spanish fluency – sending you to the top of the list.

We would like to invite you to take a closer look at our Certified Spanish University courses, our Spanish Daily (conversational Spanish) classes and our very popular Spanish Immersion Weeks packages. These programs are ideal for university students, teachers, foreigners who live and/or work in Medellin, and travelers interested in improving their Spanish skills and cultural awareness while visiting Medellin. You may even qualify to earn university credits through our dual-enrollment program!

Have you ever toured a coffee plantation? zip-lined through the forest? or snorkeled in the Caribbean? These are just a few of the weekly excursions we set up for our students. For a more complete list check out our Weekly Excursions tab above for additional information, photos, and videos of the places we visit during the course of our programs. Your future is important to us and we are here to guide you through the cultural experience of a lifetime. So, invest in your future. Improve your marketability. Join us at OLSA.