Join us for a unique activity created by OLSA, where you never know what you might have to accomplish… in your second language. A game played in groups, each player draws a house joker card and must accomplish the listed task, in their target language. With a mixture of logic, math, activities and actions, there is no shortage of challenges awaiting you!

Practice your strategy and your Spanish with us! With options from classic card games to complex multiplayer board games, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your playing style. Got a favorite game you are willing to teach? Bring that along too!


¡Practique su estrategia y su ingles con nosotros! Con opciones que van desde los clásicos juegos de cartas hasta complejos juegos de mesa multijugador, seguro que encuentras algo que se adapte a tu estilo de juego. ¿Tienes algún juego favorito que quieras enseñar? Tráelo también.

Curate your photo collection carefully for this activity! In small groups, take turns describing a favorite recent photo in the language you’re here to practice. It could be a recent trip, a favorite animal or pet, or just a picture that you really love. The important thing is to practice your storytelling abilities in your target language, and to help others who are learning your native language.

The classic party game gets a language twist – take turns describing a variety of words & phrases (in english and spanish).  If your team can guess the correct answer, you win points. Teams with the most points at the end of several rounds get bragging rights and eternal respect.

El clásico juego de las fiestas da un giro lingüístico: túrnense para describir una serie de palabras y frases (en inglés y español).  Si tu equipo adivina la respuesta correcta, ganas puntos. Los equipos con más puntos al final de varias rondas obtienen el derecho a presumir y el respeto eterno.

Come and get creative with us! For our first craft night of the year, we will be making our own agenda notebooks. A great tool for staying on track with your language notes throughout the year, these handmade paper books are fun to make while practicing your crafting vocabulary in spanish

Craft night is $5k to cover the cost of materials. Preregistration is recommended to ensure your spot.

This fan favorite game returns with an event all its own! Pick a card, attach it to the headband on your forehead (no peeking), and try to guess what you are… using only yes or no questions. Are you a bicycle? Are you an egg? Are you Karol G? Come play Headbands with us and find out!

¡Este juego favorito de los fans vuelve con un evento propio! Elige una carta, pégala a la banda que llevas en la frente (sin mirar) e intenta adivinar qué eres… usando sólo preguntas de sí o no. ¿Eres una bicicleta? ¿Eres un huevo? ¿Eres Karol G? Ven a jugar Headbands con nosotros y descúbrelo.

This event is a mixture of the serious and the light hearted. Word hot potato asks you to make quick associations between chosen words without missing a beat. Hesitate too long and you’ve lost! Debate me is an in-depth conversation, with deeper topics that could be discussed for hours. Switch between the two activities as often as you want, and satisfy your desire for both types of conversation.

This game will again test your powers of deception in a second language. Participants will be divided into groups, and all players delt playing cards and 1 house-made joker card. Tell the group something unique you’ve done, that you doubt anyone else has done. If you’re wrong, you lose a playing card. If you’re right, you get a playing card. Can’t think of anything? If you’ve still got a joker card you can tell a lie, but if a group member calls you out, you’ll lose your joker card and will be stuck with telling the truth.

Our bingo keeps you active, rapidly chatting with people in your second language as you race to fill your bingo card fastest! Practice forming questions in Spanish, and learn about the travels, skills and abilities of your fellow participants. First player to get 5 in a row wins the first round of Bingo, and the first player to fill their entire Bingo sheet wins the grand prize!

Another classic party game, with a language twist. In small groups, work with your team to first come up with prompts your rivals will draw. Next, let the drawing and multi-lingual guessing begin! One player from each team will attempt to draw the prompt, while their team works together to guess the correct answers. There are several rounds, and everyone will have the chance to showcase their artistry. And yes, stick figure drawings are allowed.

Another game we’ve created in-house, we ask you to get creative with your descriptions and learn some new words along the way. This game features a variety of strange images that can be hard to describe, but that’s your task. One by one, participants draw an image card. Without showing it to the rest of the group, they will name three strange things that can be found in the image. One is a lie, and other players must guess which thing does not actually belong in the image. The stranger the descriptions the better!

Ever wish you knew exactly what to say during a conversation in your new language? With OLSA’s scripted event, you can! We will provide scripts from well known movies and tv shows, and you will have opportunities to practice with partners and small groups until you feel comfortable with all your lines. This is also a great opportunity to help people learning your native language as they navigate slang words and tricky pronunciations.

An OLSA favorite, join us for our first speed chatting event of the year! Think of this like emergency Spanish preparation. We choose the topic; you choose your responses. Talk one-on-one with a variety of partners… with a strict time limit. With helpful vocabulary provided and lots of repetition, you will quickly pick up some new words and phrases around the week’s theme.

That’s right, it’s your opportunity to showcase that random knowledge that is useless in your everyday life! It’s trivia time! With the added challenge of questions in a second language, there will be no shortage of tricky questions, competition and a little bit of learning mixed in. Bring your smartest friend if you’re really here to win

A classic game that tests your language skills and your poker face. In small groups, each person says three statements about themselves. The trick is for the rest of the group to guess which statement is a lie. With the added challenge of being in a second language, this game is fun and funny, and a great way to learn interesting facts about your new friends

Another OLSA twist on a classic game, we provide the questions and you supply your own creative answers, and the reasoning behind them. Explaining your thoughts in a second language can be tricky, but with questions that span topics you’ll get a lot of practice! So tell us… would you rather enjoy a fun night of strange choices with your friends at OLSA, or sit at home wishing you had been out brushing up your language skills?


For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! And this June is a special one, marking 7 years of language learning and fun at OLSA. It’s our anniversary and we want to celebrate with you! Join us for games, food, fun, and of course, great conversation.

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! October’s theme is an OLSA escape room

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! February’s theme is Havana Night, so come dressed your best (think semi-formal, black and white). We will have Cuban salsa dancing, a special cocktail offering, and tropical vibes. Dance the evening away, or enjoy the ambience while brushing up your spanish conversational skills. 

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! May’s theme is Hawaiian Nights, and this should put you in a beachy mood. With tiki torches, flower leis and a limbo contest, we’ll have island activities all evening long. Themed cocktails and great conversation await you at OLSA

November’s theme is extra special, because it’s our final Wednesday event of the year. The Holiday Hurrah is a mixture of all things holiday related, across cultures! With opportunities to learn about new holidays, share your favorite traditions, and give back to the Medellin community, this is a can’t-miss event full of holiday activities. Stop in and wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and a great end to the year of events at OLSA!

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! September’s theme draws inspiration from the classic television series, and offers a variety of activities and challenges – all with very strict time limits! Lots of laughter and competition are ensured, come check out our minute mini-game extravaganza

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! August’s theme is a bilingual murder mystery party that tests your

Preregistration to guarantee yourself a spot in the drama, costume guidelines will be sent out the weekend before this event.  Feel free to show up without registering to enjoy the spectacle.

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! April’s theme is party games, and we go all out. Beer pong, flip cup, and a playlist of classic party hits are just the beginning. Got a favorite party game? Bring anything you’re willing to teach and share! A great opportunity to learn about games from other countries and cultures, and to enjoy a darn good time. Wear your favorite party outfit and we’ll provide the rest

For the final Wednesday of each month, join us at OLSA for an extra special event! July’s theme is a classic tailgate party, which means all things sports, BBQ, beer and outdoor fun. We will have sports on TV and outdoor games galore. Can’t wait to see you there!


Language ExchangeDon´t forget about the Friday Night Hang Out! Every Friday night OLSA International Restuarant and Event Center, hosts an activity-based hang out social which varies from week to week.  Activities may include a dance team, games, contests, etc.  The idea is to have fun with friends and make new friends in a smaller, more controlled setting.  Then, at the end of the event, go out with your new friends for a fun night on the town – meeting their friends!

This event meets weekly on Fridays from 6:00pm-10:30pm.  Event is open to OLSA students and our surrounding communities!  AND, if you get hungry, or thirsty, there is always the restaurant/bar.  Come early to enjoy Happy Hour – 5pm – 6pm!


Don’t forget about our HAPPY HOUR every weekday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm!  Each day of the week we will have a discounted special for you to enjoy during this hour.  Could be ice cream, a drink, or even our famous loaded nachos!  Both the Estadio and the Manila restaurants participate!

Recuerda nuestra HORA FELIZ todos los días de la semana de 5:00pm a 6:00pm! Cada día tendremos un descuento especial para que disfrutes durante esta hora. ¡Te recomendamos nuestros nachos recargados en nuestros dos restaurantes, Manila y Estadio!


What is a Chiva?
A chiva is a brightly-colored party bus.

The OLSA Chiva Experience
These events only happen twice a year and vary slightly depending on the event.  However, you can count on a great cultural experience!  Message us for the specific itinerary for the dates below.


Chiva Dates
Friday, July 19, 2024 – Must Pre-Register – Seats fill up fast
Friday, December 6, 2024 – Must Pre-Register – Seats fill up fast