San Félix Parapente

San Felix ParapenteSan Felíx Parapente

In the hills to the north of Medellin dozens of people ride the currents each day.  Paragliding is one of the most freeing and majestic forms of flight. Those who dare ride the air currents are rewarded with beautiful views of the dramatic valleys, rushing rivers, rugged mountains and majestic city below.  Feel your adrenaline levels surge as you glide through the air with the birds all from the safety of modern equipment and experienced professional paragliding instructors.  OLSA International is happy to join forces with AeroClub of San Félix.  With more than 18 years of experience in free flight, only the best equipment and certified pilots, AeroClub is a leader in flight and safety industry in Medellin.

After the tour, as we do with all of our tours, enjoy lunch at a local Colombian restaurant (included)!

The itinerary for this excursion is:

  • 8:00AM – Meet at OLSA International.
  • 8:30AM – Board transport for San Félix.
  • 9:30AM – Complete registration at AeroClub and walk up hill to take-off/landing zone.
  • 10:15AM – Wait for each person’s turn to fly.
  • 12:30PM – Once everybody has flown, we will return to Medellin for lunch at OLSA’s American Café.

Extra Information:

  • Typically, lighter flyers fly earlier and the heavier flyers fly later in the morning/early afternoon, so don’t be impatient.
  • Maximum weight for this event is 115 kilos/250 lbs.
  • It’s best to bring a sweatshirt, or a light jacket, and sun glasses for the flight.  It can be a bit cooler at 3000 meters.
  • In addition to the paragliding, AeroClub also has a zip-line and a nice paintball course!
  • This event has an additional fee of $100.000 COP.  Check with the OLSA reception for the official cost.


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San Félix Parapente

In the hills to the north of Medellin dozens of people ride the currents each day. Paragliding is one of the most freeing and majestic forms of flight.

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