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Learn Spanish in Medellin!

Welcome to OLSA International, Medellin’s top-rated certified Spanish language academy – according to Google Reviews.  Come learn Spanish with us!

OLSA International sets itself apart from other academies with its dedicated focus to help you put the Spanish language into practice.  With our three highly-interactive programs: Certified Spanish University – Learn Spanish and qualify for Colombian student visa, Conversational Spanish – Daily Spanish practice to improve your Spanish fluency, Spanish Immersion Weeks – Weekly Spanish packages with Conversational Spanish + Salsa Classes + Day-Excursions, our students enjoy the highest quality of interactive Spanish education with an emphasis on the practical application of the language.  In other words, our program is designed to have you speaking Spanish, whether for a future employment, or for continued travel in Spanish-speaking countries.

Guatapé, localizado en la subregión Oriente del departamento de Antioquia – Medellín

Why Learn Spanish at OLSA International?

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Learn Spanish


Learn Spanish

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Spanish Program Summaries

Certified Spanish University 
Qualifies for a Student Visa

Courses from 6-months thru 12-months.
Qualifies for a Colombian student visa.

Courses are 14 hours per week
(8 hours grammar + 6 hours conversation)
A1 / A2 = two months each
B1 / B2 = four months each

Economy Courses:  $925.000 pesos per month
Group Courses:  $1.250.000 pesos per month
Partner Courses:  $1.600.000 pesos per month
Private Courses:  $2.600.000 pesos per month

Discounts for multiple courses.

Our students appreciate that after completing their full courses, they have the marketable skill of speaking Spanish, in addition to their experiences in Medellin and their government-backed Spanish certificates.  

Conversational Spanish  for
Improved Spanish Fluency

Designed for improved conversational fluency.
Focus on speaking/participating in Spanish.

Classes start weekly – 4 days per week – all levels.
Small Group at classes 9:00am & 10:30am
Class duration 75 – 80-minutes

1 week = $200.000 pesos
2 weeks = $390.000 pesos
3 weeks = $580.000 pesos
4 weeks = $770.000 pesos

Private In-Person, or Virtual Sessions, One-On-One
Class times: 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm 
Class duration 50-minutes 
5 Sessions = $100.00 dollars
10 Sessions = $180.00 dollars
15 Sessions = $240.00 dollars
20 Sessions = $300.00 dollars

Immersion Weeks Packages for
Cultural Immersion

All-In-One Cultural Immersion Package
Conversational Spanish + Salsa + Day-Excursion

4 Conversational Spanish Classes
4 Salsa Dance Classes
1 Day-Excursion
Weekly Language Exchange

1 week = $595.000 pesos
2 weeks = $585.000 pesos per week
3-8 weeks = $575.000 pesos per week

Improve your Spanish fluency through guided small-group conversational Spanish practice.  Develop a deeper appreciation for the Latin culture through small-group salsa lessons and weekly educational excursions.  Socialize and make new international friends with our weekly language exchanges, our Friday night Pre-Party and other events.  Return home with great photos and stories, to boot!

John Barbera

Great Spanish School in Medellín! Mr. Keeley and the rest of the team will treat you like family and get you into the perfect class for your needs: whether it’s a class for Student Visas, a conversational class with native speakers, Grammar classes, or booking activities in the area for you to practice what you learned in class. They even have an dance instructor on staff if you want to dabble in Salsa, Bachata or el Porro. Virtual Spanish classes also available! Highly recommend

Brianna Richardson

I cannot say enough about my experience here! This school is owned by an American who has a passion for Spanish language and culture. 

I was doing some research on which school to attend because I was going to be spending a month in Colombia and I need to learn Spanish to communicate with my family. I contacted the school, and I received an immediate response with the protocol for COVID, (which is very safe in Colombia) as well as a very detailed summary of what classes he offers along with the pricing. He went out of his way to create a bundle for us, where we had private conversational classes, private dance classes, and excursions included on the weekends. 

Shane cares about your experience and making sure you get what you are looking for! He will build you a package according to what your needs are. My teachers, Mitchell and Francisco were amazing! They are native Spanish speakers, who have degrees in teaching language to foreigners. You cant beat that. Again, this school exceeded my expectations. I came home seeing the beautiful country of Colombia as well as learning as much as possible for an amazing price!

Max Hoare

I spent nearly three months learning Spanish with OLSA and it was a really great experience. Shane and the team are very friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to help you if you need anything. The lessons were fun and interesting and most importantly effective! My Spanish has improved so much and I can now confidently have conversations with locals in Spanish which is a real help as I travel around Colombia. 

The teacher Francisco has a great energy and you can tell he has a passion for languages. He would always make the lessons interesting and they were at just the right level of difficulty. He was also happy to let conversations flow organically and we covered subjects ranging from practical things about living in Medellin to Greek myths and philosophy which was challenging but fun! It was definitely the highlight of my stay in Medellín!