Certified SpanishWelcome to the Official Language School of the Americas (OLSA) Certified Spanish University Program. This accelerated program is certified by the Ministry of Education of Colombia, qualifies for a Colombian student visa and is an excellent choice for gap-year students, university students and/or professionals looking to gain Spanish fluency in an accelerated immersive environment.

At OLSA, we do more than just provide the minimums (10 hours per week of grammar).  We focus on teaching you to speak Spanish at a conversational level. Together our (optional) daily language exchanges, socials, excursions and other activities, our students experience Spanish and the Latin culture.

Here is a brief description of what you can expect with OLSA!

Certified Spanish University Courses 
Grammar Courses – Included in Spanish University Courses
We use the United States university-accredited Vistas and Facetas systems as the foundation of our Certified Spanish University grammar courses. These two systems are used by more than 100 universities across the United States for Spanish 101, 102, 201 and 202. We have adapted these systems for an international Spanish certification through the Common European Framework for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. Our Certified Spanish University program meets four days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) for three hours each day. Wednesdays are reserved for teacher office hours – struggling students are welcome to schedule some extra help during this time with their teacher at no additional cost.  With OLSA, students can complete all four levels in just over one year! This gives our students the opportunity to complete nearly two years of university Spanish in about one year abroad at OLSA.

Conversational Spanish Classes – Included in Spanish University Courses
Spanish Daily is our Spanish conversation curriculum designed to help foreign students, expats and/or full-time students learn, understand and speak colloquial Spanish. This program, written, recorded and taught by native Spanish speakers, uses themed conversations, stories, videos and other multimedia to present the living Spanish language outside of the grammatical restrictions of a textbook. This is the actual Spanish students will hear and use on the street, in the market, making new friends and participating in events with native Spanish speakers.

Certified Spanish University Program Logistics, Costs, Discounts

Courses A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1 & B2.2 are 9 weeks each, meet for 108 hours each and typicaly have a one-week break at the end of each course (for your rest and travel).
Minimum of six month required to qualify for a student visa.
Our Certified Spanish University courses include our certified grammar courses + our conversational Spanish classes!
See multi-session discounts below.

Group Courses – in-person: $891 US dollars per 9-week session. (8% savings over the weekly price)
12 hours per week (Certified Spanish University course + Conversational Spanish classes)
Classes are four days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays) for three hours per day.  Wednesdays are used at excursion days and are for teacher office hours.
1 session (about 2.5 months) = $891 USD
2 sessions (about 5 months) = $1,782 USD
3 sessions (about 7.5 months) = $2,535 USD 
includes 5% discount
4 sessions (about 10 months) = $3,385 USD – includes 5% discount
5 sessions (about 12 months) $4,140 USD includes 7% discount
All 6 sessions (about 14.5 months) = $4,810 USD includes 10% discount

Group classes are an excellent way to gain your Spanish education. OLSA’s group classes offer the best price per hour of any certified academy in Medellin. In addition, with OLSA, it’s all about gaining a practical skill from your investment. So, OLSA courses focus on speaking Spanish, not just learning Spanish grammar.

Private Courses – in-person/virtual: $1,785 US dollars per 9-week session (second person add 50%)
12 hours per week of grammar / conversational Spanish combination
Classes are coordinated on a fixed schedule arranged between the student and the teacher – as long as 12 academic hours are achieved.
1 session (about 2.5 months) = $1,785 USD
2 sessions (about 5 months) = $3,570 USD
3 sessions (about 7.5 months) = $5,085 USD – includes 5% discount
4 sessions (about 10 months) = $6,780 USD – includes 5% discount
5 sessions (about 12 months) $8,300 USD – includes 7% discount
All 6 sessions (about 14.5 months) = $9,635 USD – includes 10% discount

Private classes offer the student one-on-one attention and a more flexible schedule – in-person and/or virtually. Check with the OLSA administration for your scheduling needs.

Virtual Course – grammar only:  $621 US dollars per session (also qualifies for a student visa with 6+ months tuition)
12 hours per week of grammar only
1 session (about 2.5 months) = $621 USD
2 sessions (about 5 months) = $1,242 USD
3 sessions (about 7.5 months) = 1,770 USD – includes 5% discount
4 sessions (about 10 months) = $2,360 USD – includes 5% discount
5 sessions (about 12 months) $2,888 USD – includes 7% discount
All 6 sessions (about 14.5 months) = $3,353 USD – includes 10% discount

Virtual courses are an excellent way to learn Spanish and qualify for a student visa from any city in Colombia!  These special courses follow the same calendar schedule as our other certified courses, but meet in the evenings 5:30pm to 8:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

Discounts for multiple courses:

Sessions are considered to be A1, A2, B1.1B1.2B2.1, and B2.2 – each session 9 weeks.

5% discount when you purchase at least three full sessions
7% discount when you purchase at five full sessions
10% discount when you purchase all six sessions

Course Start Dates 2023 / 2024 / 2025




January 16 – March 17
March 21 – May 26
May 29 – July 28
August 08 – October 6
October 17 – December 15

January 09 – March 8
March 11 – May 17
May 27 – July 26
August 05 – October 4
October 15 – December 13

January 13 – March 14
March 17 – June 23
June 03 – August 1
August 11 – October 10
October 20 – December 19

Colombian Certification and Visa Requirements

OLSA International is certified to offer up to 12-month+ visas with our operators license #201950072145 and our Spanish program license #201950077394 through the Ministry of Education of Colombia. 

To acquire a Colombian student visa, the student will need to take the following steps.

1.  Submit a valid original passport with at least two blank pages.
2.  Present the last stamp of entry to Colombia or document that shows that you immigration status is confirmed.
3.  Present one photo 3 x 5 cms with a white background.
4.  Present bank statements for the last six months for the person who assumes the economic responsibility of the student.
5.  Present proof of health insurance (minimum $60,000 USD coverage-see visa agent for quotes) for the time of the visa.
6.  Purchase for your courses at OLSA International for the time of the visa.  The Colombian government will not consider a student visa application until the courses are paid in full.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia reserves the right to request additional documents.

Extra options apart from Certified University Program

EXCURSIONS – To really learn a language, you must immerse yourself in the culture. Every Wednesday, or Saturday, our students have the opportunity to leave their books at home and participate in OLSA-guided excursions to local museums, parks and activities, historical tours and nearby historical cities, nature tours, adventure destinations and more as part of our unique South American Cultural Immersion program. See the Weekly Excursions tab above for more information.  Contact the OLSA office for availability and pricing.

DANCE SALSA – Another key component of our Cultural Immersion program is our Salsa dance school. Apart from the great exercise, these Salsa classes bring a new level of understanding to what it means to be part of a Latin culture.  For more information see Salsa Dance Classes.

LANGUAGE EXCHANGE – To accompany our school motto, «Put it into Practice», OLSA International hosts a free weekly language exchange on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 9:00. Every week is a different theme and it is a great way to make new friends/contacts from a variety of countries.

PRE-PARTY SOCIAL – Every Friday night OLSA (in cooperation with Latin Masters) offers our students and community the opportunity to come together for a fun-filled language exchange/dance lesson/social event from 6:30pm – 10:00pm at which time, those interested go out to the official discotecas on the 70 or the 33. 

This gives our foreign students the chance to meet locals in a smaller event, make friends, learn Salsa and Bachata, then go out as a group where they can introduce you to more of their friends. Kind of an inner-circle short-cut, if you will.  Contact the OLSA office for COVID restrictions.

LODGING – If you are in need of housing, OLSA International has excellent relationships with the owners of private housing, rooms for rent, and hostels; all of which are within walking distance to the school.

Program summary:

  • Accredited Spanish University Courses
  • Spanish Daily Conversational Classes
  • Weekly Excursions
  • Salsa Dance Classes
  • Language Exchanges
  • Pre-Party

Our focus is that our students don’t return home with just Spanish grammar, but with strong Spanish speaking skills, rich experiences and skills that they can share with family, friends, and colleagues and that will improve their lives.

Pre-registration is highly recommended to secure your place in OLSA Spanish University Courses. Pre-registration may be done by Whatsapp, by email, or in person. Your place is secure once payment and visa are processed.

We want to thank you for considering OLSA as your Spanish language immersion school! Your future really is important to us and we are excited to share this experience with you. So, invest in your future. Improve your marketability. Join us at OLSA!