Learn about Spanish Our curriculumsOur curriculums are based in the Vistas and the Facetas systems which are used by more that 100 accredited universities in the United States.  This 3-hour per week course in the USA has been amplified the OLSA team to a highly-intensive, 14-hour per week program that completes two years of US university Spanish within one year here in Colombia.  In addition, as part of our full program, our students put their university courses (theory) to work in our Conversational Spanish classes (practice) to finish the year actually speaking Spanish, in addition to the Colombia-backed Spanish certificates they earn.  Since our Certified Spanish University curriculums are certified by the Secretary of Education of Medellin and by the Ministry of Education of Colombia, our students have the opportunity to apply for up to a one-year Colombian student visa.

Spanish Grammar
Vistas, 5th Edition
Vistas, 5th Edition, has become the most successful introductory Spanish program in more than a decade. This 18-chapter textbook provides everything students need to progress from novice to intermediate Spanish speakers. In the United States university system, chapters 1-6 are used for Spanish 101; 7-12 for Spanish 102; and 13-18 for Spanish 201. Each chapter in the Vistas system progresses from Contextos – learning vocabulary in context, to Fotonovela – continuing short films centered on a student’s year spent abroad, to Cultura – cultural lessons from different Spanish- speaking countries, to Estructura – grammar focus and practice, to Adelante – specially focused lessons for practicing Spanish writing, listening and speaking skills, along with an introduction to a Spanish- speaking country. The use of such a multifaceted program makes Vistas the leading choice for Spanish learners.

Facetas, 4th Edition
Facetas, 4th Edition, is an intermediate Spanish program designed to provide students with an active and rewarding learning experience as they strengthen their language skills and develop their cultural competency. Facetas takes an interactive, communicative approach. Its six chapters focus on real communication in meaningful contexts to develop and consolidate students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Facetas also stresses cultural competency, which plays an integral role in language learning. It features a fresh, magazine-like design that is engaging and integrates thematic, cultural, and grammatical concepts within every section. Facetas was designed as the continuation curriculum to the Vistas system and follows a similar chapter concept using the titles: Contextos, Fotonovela, Enfoques, Estructura, Cinemateca, and Lecturas. In the United States university system Facetas is used for Spanish 202.

Spanish Conversation
Spanish Daily is a conversational Spanish program that we have designed to help foreign students learn, understand and speak colloquial Spanish. This program, written, recorded and taught by native Spanish speakers, uses themed conversations, stories, videos and other multimedia to present the living Spanish language outside of the grammatical restrictions of a textbook. This is the actual Spanish students will hear and use on the street, in the market, making new friends and participating in events with native Spanish speakers. Spanish Daily classes are highly interactive with the main focus being conversation and interaction through participation in themed conversations, stories, articles, videos conversation topics, debates and language exploration.

Language Exchange
Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:30 and Friday nights from 6:00 to 10:30 OLSA International sponsors a language exchange for foreigners and Colombians. During this time students and others from the community enjoy conversation in English and Spanish as we play games and participate in other activities. Food and drinks are available to be purchased from the OLSA café, located on-site.

Housing Program
Optional housing is included for participants in our Accredited University Program and our One-Week Colombia Immersion Package and is located within walking distance of the OLSA campus, shopping and restaurants.


Below are the certifications for our Spanish program and for our facilities.  The certifying bodies are the Secretary of Education of Medellin and the Ministry of Education of Colombia.  The certifying matrix is through the Common European Framework.  With these certificates, OLSA International is licensed to sponsor student visas for foreign students.


OLSA International, in addition to our certification by the Secretary of Education of Medellin, is certified by the internationally renoun Bureau Veritas.  This rigorous year-long certification ensures that your experience at OLSA will be of great quality.


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