Buen día, Bonjour, and Hello

Conversational Spanish Director Hello all!  

Thank you for considering OLSA International for your conversational Spanish classes!  My name is Francisco Márquez and I am the Conversational Spanish Director.  One of the things I really like about working with international students is the cultural diversity.  I feel that that every class is a trip!  I have had the opportunity to work with OLSA since 2018.  I speak English, French and Spanish (of course) and will be starting on a fourth language soon!

 Aside from my time with OLSA, I enjoy training karate, and playing music (guitar and some others).  I also do work as a freelance voice-over artist!


EXPERIENCE – Owner has over 25 years of experience in education in the US and internationally, plus was nominated as the best private school teacher in the entire state of Arizona, USA, two years in a row! Other Spanish schools have limited experience, teaching Spanish solely because they are native Spanish speakers.

CURRICULUM – OLSA’s curriculum is based on conversations, not worksheets. The vast majority of other Spanish schools in Medellin use a curriculum supported by methodologies that are limited to language theory; there the students listen to lectures and develop workshops on paper. OLSA International focuses on speaking Spanish (based on practice) from the very first class. Students learn to listen to Spanish, form words correctly, expand their vocabulary, conjugate in context, and learn about the Latin culture while speaking/conversing in Spanish, all in small groups.

STUDENT VISAS – OLSA is certified through the Medellin Secretary of Education and through the Colombian Ministry of Education. We are licensed to offer Colombian student visas through our certified university courses in Spanish. These courses are the most effective in Medellin. Other certified academies offer their students a minimum of 10 hours of classes per week. OLSA International offers 14 hours of classes per week that include certified university Spanish courses and conversational Spanish classes, all in one package. We want our students to actually speak Spanish when they finish their courses at OLSA.

EXCURSIONS – OLSA International has the most extensive cultural immersion package of all the language schools in Medellin. Apart from our conversational Spanish classes and certified university courses in Spanish (student visa courses), we also have Latin dance classes on campus and offer a catalog of 10 excursions for our Spanish students to choose the one they are most passionate about. . No other school offers so much!

EVENTS – OLSA International organizes at least 5 events every week! We really want your clients and our clients to have the best time possible during their stay in Medellin. Our five nightly events are designed to connect foreigners and Colombians in a safe environment, to help them develop friendships and create positive memories, generating repeat customers for their/our business.

LOCATIONS – We have two central locations in the Estadio/Laureles neighborhood and the Manila/El Poblado neighborhood with easy access to major streets and the subway system.

SPANISH, ENGLISH AND SALSA: OLSA International teaches Conversational Spanish, Certified Spanish and Conversational English with native speakers from the US and Canada at both locations, plus we offer Latin dance classes on campus.

BILINGUAL STAFF – We have bilingual staff – There is always someone present who speaks clear and understandable English – for questions and information from our non-Spanish speaking clients.

PRICE – It is not our goal, but we are the cheapest option among other Spanish schools. We are not interested in overcharging foreigners for our services. We charge a fair rate for excellent service, just take a look at our Google reviews!

COMMISSIONS – OLSA International rewards participation in our partnership program with generous commissions on three levels. 1. Reference card = $5,000 pesos, 2. Spanish immersion package = $50,000 pesos, 3. 6-month certificate course in college Spanish = $300,000 pesos. Also, we are honest. In fact, it’s in our best interest to spread the commissions around, as that’s what helps keep you in business, and we’re happy to do that! For additional information, contact the OLSA campus closest to you.

Conversational Spanish Director – Francisco Márquez